Chegodilu – Holi Special Snack Recipe

This is a collaboration video with Aditi from Eat East Indian. We wish everybody a happy colorful and safe Holi. For the upcoming festival we have some special recipes for our viewers.

Chegodilu is a traditional South Indian snack recipe which is prepared with rice flour and few other spices. They are crunchy and flavorful and are easy to make at home. We usually make it to a big dabba as they keep well for upto a month. One can easily get a pack of these snack from any store but nothing can replace fresh homemade food. So, make these chegodilu and feed your family with fresh food 🙂

Though shaping requires good amount of time, the frying and dough making are very simple tasks. It would be a great thing to make if you have your friends or any helping hand around. So that you can make them quickly and cooking will definitely be a lot more fun. I hope you try the recipe, write back to me how you enjoyed 🙂

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