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Meet Kevin, Stuart and Bob in MINIONS, in theaters this July. Visit for more Minion fun!
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• 3 x 6″ round cakes
• 1 domed 6″ cake
• Vanilla buttercream
• Flaked coconut
• Fondant- pink, white, brown, black, yellow
• Silver food spray
• Marshmallows (regular size)

Cake Assembly
1. Stack three round leveled cakes, applying a layer of buttercream in between each layer. On top of the three cakes, place the domed cake. Cover the entire structure in vanilla buttercream.
2. Cover cake in coconut by pressing coconut into the buttercream.
3. For the arms, use buttercream to “glue” three marshmallows together, end to end. Apply a small stripe of buttercream to the marshmallow “arm” and attach it to the side of the cake using toothpicks if necessary. Cover arm in buttercream, and press coconut into the buttercream. Repeat on the other side for a second arm.
4. For the legs, cover a single marshmallow in buttercream and roll in coconut. Attach the leg to the front of the Minion using a small amount of buttercream as “glue”. Repeat for second leg.
Fondant Pieces

• Roll out yellow fondant and cut out a large circle by using a 3 7/8″ or 4″.
• Attach to the front of the Minion’s body using buttercream to help it stick.
• Roll out the white fondant and cut two round circles using a 2 1/2″ round cutter. Set one circle aside to harden.
• With the second circle, use a 2 1/4″ cutter to cut out a smaller circle and a ring.
• Discard the inner circle and save the ring. This will be the silver piece of the goggle. Let it harden slightly before attempting to move it.
• Place the ring on a piece of parchment paper and spray it with the silver colour spray. Allow to dry.
• Once the ring has dried, attach it to the white circle using water.
• Cut out a small round circle out of brown fondant, and an even smaller circle of black fondant for the pupil.
• Attach both circles to the center of the white circle.
• Roll out a piece of black fondant, and cut a strip about a centimeter in width. Attach the strip to the yellow face using a small amount of water (this is the goggle strap).
• Attach the completed eye/goggle on top of the strap using buttercream.
• Roll out white fondant and cut two three toed foot shapes out.
• Roll out pink fondant, and cut out one large oval, and three small ovals for the pads of the feet. Attach the larger oval to the bottom of the foot, and the three toe-pads near the top toes.
• Allow to harden.
• Once hardened, attach to the legs using a swipe of buttercream.
• Cut a 14″ piece of stainless steel or copper wire (see note in blog post).
• Shape into a bunny ear, ensuring that there is enough wire left at the bottom to insert into the cake.
• Roll out the white fondant and cut to size of the wire. Wrap the fondant around the wire for support.
• Roll out the pink fondant and cut a piece to fit into the center of the ear. Place onto a flower former to shape the ear, and allow to harden. Repeat steps for the second ear.
• Once hardened, insert into place on top of the Minion’s head.
Finally, using a small round tip (#10 or #12) pipe a line of buttercream around the yellow portion of the face. This will give the cake a more true costume appearance.

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