Tania Hubbard – Coconut Flour Flat Bread – Gluten Free Bread Recipe

This is a delicious flat bread recipe made using coconut flour. A soft bread you can bake or fry it is easy to cook, tastes fantastic and can have extra spices added for more flavour. This is a gluten free bread recipe that is also grain free, nut free, dairy free, yeast free, sugar free and egg free.


Coconut Four ½ cup/75 grams/2.65 oz
Psyllium Husk MEAL** 25 grams/25 grams/0.88 oz
Coconut Oil ¼ cup/60 mls/2.03 fl oz
Boiling water 1 cup/250 mls/8.45 fl oz

**Psyllium Husk Measurements
• If you use a 20mls tablespoon this recipes is 2 x 20ml
• If you use a 15ml tablespoon you will need to make the recipe using 2 x 15ml tablespoons and 2 x 5ml teaspoons to achieve the correct amount of psyllium husk meal
• NOTE: 25 grams makes this a simple recipe if you can weigh your ingredients

1. Preheat oven to 180C, 355F or Gas Mark 4
2. Using a whisk combine all dry ingredients together
3. Add the boiling water and oil and using a fork, continue mixing until there are no lumps and it comes together like a ball of dough
4. Using your hands, keep working the mix for a few minutes until it holds well
5. Lay some non-stick baking paper down on your bench
6. Break off a gold ball size blob of the mixture and bring it together into a ball
7. Using the non-stick baking paper and your hands flatten the mix to ½ a cm
8. I use a rolling pin and an oiled drinking glass (with a thing edge) to cut out lovely rounds
9. Keep going until you have no mixture left.
10. Line a flat baking tray with non-stick baking paper
11. Lay out the bread and bake for 20 minutes until golden brown
12. Remove and serve as is or with your favourite topping
13. These hold well for days and can be stored in the fridge


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