फक्त दुधापासून बनवा मँगो कुल्फी | Easy Mango Kulfi Recipe | MadhurasRecipe | Ep – 367



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Summer season is on and so is mango season. Let’s make mango kulfi using the ingredients available in your pantry. This is a no mess recipe and requires less effort. Do try this yummy and delicious mango kulfi and drop a comment for me. You also can like, share and subscribe.

• 1/2 liter Whole milk
• 1 cup Mango pieces
• 2 tsp Corn flour
• 1/4 cup Sugar

• Heat up milk in a wide and thick bottom pan.
• Bring it to boil.
• Keep on stirring continuously so that the milk will reduce quickly.
• Add sugar and mix well.
• Continue boiling the milk 10 minutes more.
• You can decide the quantity of sugar depending on the sweetness
of the mango.
• Lower down the heat to medium.
• Take corn flour in a bowl and add hot milk in it.
• Stir well to make thick slurry. No lumps of corn flour should be
formed in it.
• Add the whole slurry in the boiling milk and mix well.
• Continue cooking the milk for about 4-5 minutes more.
• Corn flour gives nice thickness to milk and also it prevents
formation of ice crystals in the kulfi.
• When the mixture thickens up really good after about 5 minutes,
turn off the gas and let them mixture cool down completely.
• Transfer the mango pieces into a blender jar and blend them into
• No need to use any milk or water at all while blending.
• When the milk mixture cools down completely add the mango
puree in it and mix well.
• Grate the nutmeg powder in it and mix well.
• You can add cardamom powder also for flavouring.
• You can add small pieces of mango in it if you want.
• If you don’t want to set this in freezer then you can have this as
mango custard.
• Pour the mixture into kulfi mold and close the lid.
• Transfer the kulfi molds into freezer to set for about 7-8 hours or
preferably over night.
• Once kulfi is set take it out and insert a ice cream stick at the
center of the kulfi.
• Run a knife along the edges of kulfi and take it out of the mold.
• Mango kulfi is already.
• You can make 6 medium size kulfi from 1/2 liter milk & 1 cup
mango pieces.

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