3 Healthy and Easy Lunchbox Recipes That Your Kids Will Love!



It’s almost that time again – back to school! And although many of us are more than ready for our little darlings to head back to class, we aren’t super excited about packing lunches every day. Or is that just me (**I doubt it!**)?

Lunch packing needs to be simple and quick–especially when you’re packing multiple lunches like me this year. Forget the perfect Pinterest-worthy lunches that you can only sustain for about a week (until you give up). Who has time for that anyways? 

For me, finding nutritious and easy lunchbox options is key–especially ones that my kids actually want to eat–so I’m always on the lookout for products that I can feel good about, with real, nutrient-dense ingredients and not too much added sugar or any funny ingredients.

#ad When I discovered Made with Local’s Real Food Bars, I was thrilled both as a busy mom and dietitian, because these bars are not only delicious, but also have a really nutritious and simple ingredient list (rarely is there a boxed packaged snack bar that I approve of you guys!!). And the best part is that they have a Real Food Bar Mix, which you can use to make your own school-safe bars (see recipe # 3 below), or other tasty snacks (recipes #1 and #2).

I love that this mix is made with local Canadian ingredients like organic oats, seeds, and dried fruit  And contains NO additives, preservatives or funny ingredients.  What I love about this company too is that every bag of Real Food Bar Mix is made by a local social enterprise (right in Nova Scotia!) they’ve partnered with, that supports and employs people with disabilities.

Watch the video for the recipes and visit my blog at sarahremmer.com/blog for the full article and full recipes!


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