Buttermilk Chicken & Turkey Brine Marinade



Buttermilk Brine For Chicken & Turkey

I heart this buttermilk brine SO FREAKIN MUCH!!! If you have never brined whole chicken or turkey before then trust me, you will want to start.

A brine is simply a mixture of ingredients that you soak your meat in prior to cooking. There are dry brines and wet brines. I like wet brines better. Brines can add flavor to the meat depending on what spices you add, but most importantly it makes the meat super juicy and tender.

Many people brine their whole poultry using salted water or broth (since it’s cheaper) but I always prefer good ol buttermilk. (It’s only like $3-$4 a gallon and so worth it IMO) Apple juice is also a very popular liquid to brine in. I think buttermilk makes the absolute best brine for chicken and turkey. Not only does it add richness to the meat but it naturally tenderizes it to fall-off-the-bone perfection.

So here is one of my all time favorite brines to use on Thanksgiving turkeys. It creates a bird that is ridiculously moist and juicy and has a subtle seasoned taste that doesn’t overpower the natural taste of the meat which means it pairs up great with just about any gravy or dressing.

Don’t let the hot sauce in this brine recipe scare you. Your bird WON’T come out tasting anything like hot sauce.

I always make gravy to go along with my turkey but honestly, you really don’t need it. Yes, it makes poultry THAT moist! Just PLEASE don’t overcook your bird!!!!! When I first made this brine and cooked my turkey, I went to grab off the leg and the only thing I was left holding was the bone LOL. All the meat had slide right off! And the breast, omg talk about JUICY!

I hope that you enjoy this brine just as much as I do!

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