Christmas Cupcakes! Decorate Santa’s North Pole Cupcakes – A Cupcake Addiction How To Xmas Tutorial



Make your own stunning Christmas Cupcakes at Home! Decorate these unique North Pole Santa Sign Cupcakes for your loved ones this Christmas.

We have a whole range of awesome Christmas cupcake and cakepop decorating ideas coming out over the next few weeks, as well as all our great Christmas cupcakes and cakepops form last year. Snowman Cakepops, Reindeer Cupcakes and Cakepops, Christmas Trees and even a Gingerbread House Cupcake! Heaps of amazing stuff so make sure you’ve SUBSCRIBED so you don’t miss a festive thing!

Just for fun — can anyone count ho many times I say “pole” in this tutorial — WAY too many — lol

Tools and Equipment:
Serrated edge knife
Plain butter knife
Zip lock bag
Toothpick / cocktail stick
Piping bag
Piping tip (I like the Loyal #20 which is a plastic piping tip with a 2cm/20mm/3/4″ diameter)
North Pole Printables (link below — click ‘save as’ then print from your desktop on heavy duty cardstock — I used 210gsm card)

A few melted Red candy melts (or red cookie icing, or red royal icing)
A little melted White Chocolate (you don’t need much)
Some frosting to frost the cupcakes — link to our glow frosting is below
1 Candy Cane (per cupcake)
1 Licourice Allsort candy (per cupcake — you can also use fondant or modeling chocolate)
3 love heart sprinkles (per cupcake)
Some red sour candy straps (you can also use fondant, roll-ups or any other flat red candy)
Silver Sanding Sugar
White sprinkles (I used white non-pariels)

Link to my Buttercream frosting recipe:
Link to low style smooth cupcake swirl:
Link to North Pole Printables:


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