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You guys should be really excited right now, this is seriously an amazing low carb chocolate cake. As the name easy low carb chocolate cake suggests, it is SO easy to make, I just couldn’t believe it was that easy and how amazing the keto chocolate cake came out.

And yes, it does contain zucchini, so we could call it a zucchini chocolate cake or a zucchini cake. But the thing is, it doesn’t taste like zucchini at all. The purpose of the zucchini in this lchf chocolate cake is to provide moisture. And boy, does the zucchini do its job on this banting chocolate cake. The easy low carb chocolate cake is just so soft and moist, you won’t believe it. And it emulates the texture of a regular cake which is the beauty of it all!

I constantly call this an easy chocolate cake, because this easy keto chocolate doesn’t contain any fancy ingredients, doesn’t require any fancy techniques. Just mix in all the keto ingredients / low carb ingredients, mix it all together, put it in a baking tin, bake and voila, you have a wonderful easy lchf chocolate cake / easy banting chocolate cake.

So there really isn’t anything not to like about this low carb cake. It checks all the boxes for low carb recipes / keto recipes, including only 5g net per massive slice of this keto cake. Which makes it easy to fit into a ketogenic lifestyle (ketogenic cake). This lchf cake is so rich and delicious, you could fool your friends, guaranteed. If you’re banting, this banting cake also checks all the boxes, so happy days for you folk who bant /are banting.

As with almost all of my keto recipes, low carb recipes – this zucchini chocolate cake is grain free and gluten free. So you can eat a gluten free cake with no remorse at all! And don’t be put off with the sound of a zucchini cake, just think of an easy cake recipe which tastes delicious!

Seriously guys, I’m not even close to overselling this easy low carb chocolate cake. It is just that good. My wife LOVES chocolate cake and she gave this low carb cake a huge thumbs up (we ate the whole keto cake within a week, just the two of us!!).

Let me know in the comments how you enjoyed this easy low carb chocolate cake. Or, if you have any questions about this low carb cake or any of my other low carb recipes / keto recipe / lchf recipe / banting recipe, I’d be happy to answer anything you ask. Simply leave a question in the comments section of that video.

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1/2 cup Coconut Flour (56g /2oz)
1/2 cup Cocoa Powder (50g /1.8oz)
1/2 cup Xylitol (or other sweetener) (108g /3.9oz)
1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon Powder (2.5g/ 0.09oz)
1 teaspoon Baking Powder and 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda (5g/0.18oz)
4 Eggs
1/4 cup Coconut Oil (100g/ml /3.5oz)
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract (5ml / 0.17oz)
2 cups grated Zucchini (300g / 10.5oz) (approx 2 medium zucchinis)

Macros for entire cake + icing/frosting
Calories: 2003
Fat: 140g
Net Carbs: 42g (191g carbs – 41g fibre – 108g sugar alcohols )
Protein: 55g

Macros for a slice of cake + icing/frosting (assuming 8 slices)
Calories: 250
Fat: 17.5g
Net Carbs: 5g (23.5g carbs – 5g fibre – 13.5g sugar alcohols )


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