Healthy Recipes VLOG: Master Chefs Tanula & Abhay (Summer Holiday’s Feast!!!)



Full day of eating healthy with Kids!!! Special Thanks to our Hosts Abhay & Tanula Jain and our Artists Parul, Arnav, Priansh & Pranya!!!

2 Quick & Healthy Recipes were prepared:
1. Healthy Pasta: Enjoy a feast with your kids!!!
Some benefits of our dish:
• Boosts Energy levels: Its ideal for all kids and their parents living an active lifestyle, as it keeps your body charged throughout the day
• Great for your bone health and nervous system, as it contains calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium
• Improves your cardiovascular health
• Its full of proteins and dietary fiber

2. Spinach Cooler Drink: Let’s follow Popeye for some time!!!
Super food loaded with Protein, Iron, Vitamins & Minerals, yet in a low calorie package. Effective for Skin, Hair & Bone health


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