Healthy Snack Recipes | No-Bake Cacao, Fruit & Nut Bars Recipe by Myprotein



Our no-bake Cacao Fruit & Nut bars are perfect as on-the-go healthy snacks.
These quick and easy treats can be made for meal prep for both adults and kid’s lunchboxes – or even prepared as party treats!

50g Myprotein Cacao Liquor Buttons

25g Myprotein Protein Hot Chocolate

15g Myprotein Super Berries Mix

10g, Myprotein Protein Crispies

8 Myprotein Cashew Nuts

1 Tbs Myprotein Triple nut butter


1) First start by greasing the mould with coconut oil

2) Measure out 50g cacao buttons

3) Melt in the microwave

4) Add one scoop of protein hot chocolate mix

5) Mix in the Myprotein triple nut butter

6) Mix all togther

7) Pour into mould

8) Chop cashew nuts

9) Press in nuts

10) Sprinkle on the Super berries

11) Then the protein crispies

12) Place in fridge to set

13) Remove from mould and enjoy


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