How to Fight Inflammation with BEST Healthy Chicken Salad Recipe for Arthritis Diet



This outrageously delicious healthy chicken salad recipe is packed with nutrition Not only is it fabulous but this easy chicken salad is great for an arthritis diet recipe! Cranberries, pecans, and apples are full of anti-inflammatory antioxidants that slow the aging process from the inside out and also help fight inflammation that causes joint pain and arthritis. Get RECIPE:

What’s the big deal about anti-inflammatory foods and arthritis diet recipes? Certain foods can actually help ease arthritis symptoms. Arthritis treatment diet can be an easy healthy chicken salad! Who doesn’t like a chicken salad with apples or a chicken salad with cranberries or a healthy chicken salad with cranberries, apples, and pecans!!! Several nutrients may be specifically important in helping to reduce inflammation, such as the antioxidant Vitamin C – found in the cranberries and apples in this chicken salad.

Recipe from Vitamin C chapter of in Eating Well To Fight Arthritis cookbook:

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