How to Make a Giant Cupcake – Basics 2: Filling, Baking and Extracting A Cupcake Addiction Tutorial



How to Make A Giant Cupcake – Part 2, Filling, Baking and Extracting. Learn how to get the perfect starting point for all your giant cupcakes with our handy Giant Cupcake Basics Series.

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Here we show you part 2 of how to make a Giant Cupcake – from the giant patty pan, filling, baking and extracting the cupcake, and finally carving, layering and crumb coating, ready for decorating any way you like.

Tools & Equipment:
Large spoon
Metal baking tray
Silicone cupcake case
Non stick cooking spray
Oven, preheated to moderate temperature (175c / 350f)

Enough cupcake better to bake 24 cupcakes
You can use one or two packet mixes (depending on the yield) or our Red Velvet cupcake recipe is the perfect amount to fill both halves of your giant cupcake case. Of course, you can also use your favourite home recipe.

Useful Links:
Link to red velvet cupcake recipe:
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Link to giant cupcake basics 3 (carving, layering and crumb coasting):

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