How to Make a Giant Cupcake – Basics 3: Carving, layering, crumb coating and stacking



The final of our 3 part Giant Cupcake Basics series. SUBSCRIBE for more great decorating tutorials from MyCupcakeAddiction.

In this last tutorial we show you how to carve your giant cupcake, layer it with frosting, stack it in your giant chocolate patty pan (Basics 1) and crumb coat it, ready for frosting in any colour or pattern you desire.

Our 3 part Giant Cupcake Basics tutorial series tackles everything from the Giant Patty Case up. Filling, baking, extracting and crumb coating your giant cupcake.

Tools & Equipment:
Buttercream frosting (recipe link below)
Giant cupcake case (tutorial link below)
Serrated bread knife
Pallet knife or offset spatula (you can also use the back of a regular knife)
Giant cupcake, baked (tutorial link below)
Silicone giant cupcake mold

Useful Links:
Link to Giant Cupcake Basics 1 (chocolate cupcake case):

Link to Giant Cupcake Basics 2 (carving, layering and crumb coasting):

Link to Buttercream Frosting Recipe:

Link to Basic Cakepop Recipe:

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