How to Make Filipino-Style Empanadas : A Little Bit of Latin Food



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Making Filipino-style empanadas is a relatively easy dish once all the prep work has been done. The ingredients include Spanish onions, red peppers and ground beef seasoned with salt, pepper, cumin and curry. Discover this zesty recipe for Filipino-style empanadas with tips from a professional chef in this free video.

Expert: Ronaldo Linares
Bio: Ronaldo Linares has showcased his Cuban-inspired, passion-infused culinary style on Food Network’s Chopped, BBC America’s chef competition Chef Race, and has had appearances on Better TV.
Filmmaker: Brandon Somerton

Series Description: One of the best parts about cooking is combining two different culinary styles into delicious homemade meals. Chef Ronaldo Linares puts his passion-infused style to work with great recipes for Mexican steak, chimichurri, stuffed chilies and more great Latin recipes in this free video series about Latin cooking.


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