How to Make Pastillas – Panlasang Pinoy Easy Recipes



Want a dessert that can be readily available when you want it? Why don’t you try our pastillas recipe. It is very easy! Even kids can do it!

Whether you want it as balls or tubes, pastillas will be prepared the same. Mixing. You will just mix and combine your powdered milk and condensed milk and roll it in sugar. Done! No complication at all. Stick your toothpick into it and it’s ready. You may also want to wrap it in cellophane and store it. Whenever you want dessert and you have not prepared one, pop this candy in. The family will love it. Sweet, rich, creamy. Originally, these milk candies are made from carabao’s milk. Nowadays, condensed milk and powdered milk are commonly used as they are readily available.

This candy recipe is not just for personal satisfaction. You may even start a small business by selling your product. There is no harm in doing that but make sure to try your candies first. Enjoy!

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