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Want to get hold of that classic meryenda when you were young? Here is a video how.

Puto is a steamed rice cake that is commonly served as snack. This is also usually used as an accompaniment to dinuguan or pancit. Puto at dinuguan, remember? They go well together. It can be eaten as is or it may be topped with cheese or grated coconut. There are also many variants to this snack: puto bumbong, puto kutsinta, puto mamon, puto pao. This recipe will be about a common puto, and it will use cheese as topping. The sweet puto taste will be enhanced by the cheese flavor. With regard to the molder cup, FiIipinos commonly use the plastic ones. You can also use inexpensive metal baking trays.

Ready to have that soft and moist puto cheese? Watch our video and learn how.

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