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Recipe here: Stephanie Jaworski of demonstrates how to make a Lazy Daisy Cake. When I was in Junior High School I took a Home Economics Class. For half of the school year we learned how to sew and for the other half we were taught cooking. The Home Ec classroom had several kitchens where, in small groups, we cooked a complete meal, including dessert. It was a fun class and I still have my Home Economics cookbook, “Recipes for Young Homemakers” Selected by Manitoba Suburban Home Economic Teachers. Because the recipes in this cookbook were written for students with very little cooking knowledge, they are easy to follow and they work. One recipe from this book that I still like to make is called a Lazy Daisy Cake. Probably so named because if you’re feeling a little lazy, or in a rush, this cake is easy to make, uses everyday ingredients, and it tastes so good.

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