Make GLOWING Frosting! – HALLOWEEN CUPCAKES – Cake Decorating with Cupcake Addiction



That’s right folks – GLOWING Frosting!! This perfectly pipeable frosting is the perfect addiction to your Halloween party, or just to add the “wow” factor at your next event.

With an easy ‘ghost’ tutorial included, this GLOWING FROSTING tutorial is everything you need to WOW your guests this Halloween.

Decorate your Cakes, Cupcakes and Halloween Treats with this awesome glowing frosting! Easy to make and even easier to use!

250g vegetable shortening (Copha, Crisco)
1 tsp clear vanilla extract (I used wilton brand)
900g / 30oz powdered sugar
165ml / 5.5oz tonic water

The original concept for this frosting was found at – I’ve modified the recipe but THANKS guys for the inspiration!


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