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Learn how to make these Aussie MEAT PIE cupcakes for Dad this Fathers Day! In Australia, Fathers Day falls SUNDAY 1st SEPTEMBER so if you havent thought of a gift for Dad – what about some Meat Pie cupcakes in disguise?

If you’re an Aussie, you’ll be all too familiar with the Meat Pie (it could even be called our national Dish!) but if you’re watching from abroad you may not have had the pleasure of trying these delightful pies. Feel free to adapt this recipe for any other style of pie you like, just by changing the ‘filling’ (red mini m&m’s = cherry pie etc)

Tools & Equipment:
2 Knives
Fondant roller (or regular rolling pin)
2 x Circle cutters (I used a 6cm/2.25″ and an 8cm/3″)

Dark choc chunks (or oreo crumbs)
Jelly Belly peas and carrots (available at specialty American candy retailers in AU)
Caramel fudge (or you can use fondant or modeling chocolate)
Buttercream frosting (recipe link below)
Chocolate Ganache (recipe link below)
Cornflour (optional)
A few drops of water

Useful Links:
Link to Buttercream Frosting:
Link to flat top frosting style tutorial

Link to easy Chocolate Ganache Recipe:

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