Make Mini Gummi Donuts! A Popin Cookin (Happy Kitchen) Semi Fail by Cupcake Addiction

Learn how to make Gummi Donuts with the Happy Kitchen (Poppin Cookin) Japanese Candy Donut kit. In this video I address where to buy them, what they taste like and a possible Poppin Cookin CHALLENGE with another YouTuber! It’s Poppin Cookin madness!

After my epic fail making candy sushi from these cute japanese candy kits, I decided to take your advice and watch a few YouTube videos on how to make them. It’s still not easy! It looks so much easier edited down to a 3 minute clip on RRCherryPie than it really is!

Anyway, I’m calling this a partial fail because they did turn out, and it took me less time than the last lot, but they tasted gross – I just can’t call any candy that tastes like that a success ;-/

Let me know if you want to see the Poppin Cookin CHALLENGE and I will try to make it happen! I can only throw down the gauntlet – It’ll be up to EmmyMadeInJapan to accept – is she dares… mwoo-ha-ha

I got my Poppin Cookin here: – I went to their store in LA but I’ve also seen these for sale on Ebay so if you’re not near a japanese market, check online – there are a bunch of people who sell them 🙂

AND – if you make poppin cookin – send me a photo! Especially if you manage to make more than 13 donuts out of this kit!


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