Paleo Mexican Recipes: Preparing the Simple Tex-Mex Paleo Cuisines At Home

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Paleo Mexican Recipes: Preparing the Simple Tex-Mex Paleo Cuisines At Home

It is very common to desire an array of flavors on our dining table on a daily basis
With a wide variety of specialties from around the world, our wish to enjoy different types of food is pretty justified
Tangy Sichuan scorchers and pad Thai, intricate curries from India, Japanese special sushi, Vietnamese herby-fresh spring-rolls and authentic Italian pasta with chili and garlic and of course, lots of spicy Mexican food! Talk about Mexican cuisine and the first few dishes you can recall are the Mexican-American burritos and tacos served with sour cream and salsa or Mexican pasta infused with cilantro and jalapenos
These are some common Mexican dishes we enjoy regularly
However, talk about real Mexican cuisine and the options are endless
Mexican food is in the options for you even if you follow Paleo diet
If you haven’t tried a full range of Paleo Mexican menu on your dining table yet, this is your chance
This book has the widest range of most exotic, versatile and authentic Paleo Mexican recipes to prepare the best Mexican food at home
What will you find in this book? Most authentic 50 Paleo Mexican recipes Easy to prepare recipes Exotically flavorful and pure Mexican taste Easy to find Ingredients Each recipe with nutritional information Divided into 8 different So if you are ready to experience the real Mexican taste without cheating on your diet, try the recipes shared in this book and have an amazing dining time with friends and family.

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