“Wooww!! You must be eating really healthy? Must say it reflects on you” – that is often the first reaction I get every time I discuss healthy cooking and eating habits with anyone. As flattering as it may sound, what comes in next…is what really bothers me.

“Organic and healthy cooking is time consuming and expensive, how do you manage it?”

Over the years of me practicing healthy and organic eating habits, I have often failed to understand the co-relation between healthy cooking and the fuss that is often associated with it. In fact, at the turn of the year, even as quite a few people expressed their willingness to follow a healthy diet in 2017, I realized that people are more bothered about how to follow the habit and sustain it for a long time, than why to follow the habit.

To clear all the myths and to do away with the all the imaginary fuss often associated, I decided to meet Chef Jitin Joshi, Executive Chef of the Taj Dubai. Primarily for the benefit of all the viewers, I decided to learn 3 Recipes from him – one each for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the recipes are organic, healthy and most importantly, extremely easy and quick to cook and yummy.

For Breakfast, Chef Jitin presented Chia Seed Baugette with Avocado and Smoked Salmon. This dish presents a palatable combination of great carbohydrates, healthy fats, omega 3 fatty acids and most importantly powerful anti-oxidants. If Salmon bothers you, don’t worry, you can opt for eggs and vegetarians can opt for different topping like baby spinach, mushrooms and tofu instead of salmon. People who follow gluten free diet can opt for rice crackers. And all it will take is a few minutes of your busy morning schedule. Honestly this is my regular breakfast before I hit the gym.

Moving on to lunch, Chef Jitin presented the Quinoa Salad with Pine Nuts, which is also a personal favorite of mine. Quinoa is a South American Super Food, perfect for people like me who are gluten free. To add it, it is rich in Vitamins, Proteins, Essential Amino Acids and fibers, making Quinoa a complete food. Use all possible salad leaves available in your refrigerator, add your own sugar and salt free dressing, and you are ready with a bowl of Quinoa Salad, that will make you feel full and provide you just the right amount of nutrients. A little secret here – to make it more convenient, I boil quinoa and store them in containers for the entire week so that I save the boiling time. See how I store my food in refrigerator to have a healthy lifestyle :

Last but not the least, the dish for dinner was Miso Black Cod and Edamame. Rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and a Japanese favorite, this recipe is perfect for a dinner that is light yet provides the essential nutrients.

Watch and learn the three absolutely delicious, nutritious and palatable recipes in this video.

I hope that you are definitely going to give it a shot. It was great experience for me too as I love cooking and am always open to learning new recipes. However, I prefer recipes that involve less ingredients and cooking time as that keeps the nutrients intact.

Am sure a lot of you also have your own recipes that brim with health and nutrition. Why not share it with me and my readers? After all, it is always the more the merrier…

Love and Health,

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