Sneaky Dad’s Cheap Meal Easy Recipe for Picky Kids. Sloppy Joe Pasta..Food Kids love. RV Cooking



We prepare a Cheap Meal. This is a super Easy Recipe for Picky Kids. Sloppy Joe Pasta.. We’ve found this to be a Food Kids love. RV Cooking never tasted so good!!

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This is the life and adventures of the Browns My family. We are, Me Charlie my wife Raquel and our kids Colleen and Walden. We are for the most part a typical family.

We bought a 1986 class C RV did some renovating sold almost all of our stuff and leased the house. We are traveling, living, adventuring and loving life. Our goal with our videos are to inspire, enlighten and share the possibility of a better existence for anyone willing to jump in and take the chance.

We are the same as you, but we took the chance. Modigazzi The Browns

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