STRANGER THINGS CAKE How to Make a LIGHT UP Stranger Things Portal Halloween Cake



My New Cookbook:
How to make a Stranger Things cake that LIGHTS UP with spooky DIY filament light bulbs, creepy christmas lights and all kinds of supernatural happenings..
While I can’t bring myself to watch Stranger Things (I’m a total wuss) BUT so many of you guys asked me for a Stranger Things Cake I had to do a little research. I regret it greatly and may never sleep again.
Why did I make this cake!?!


3 batches of chocolate cake tinted black (baked in 8” cake tins)
Double batch of chocolate ganache tinted black
Fondant coloured ivory
Powdered sugar
Edible marker

For the full step by step printable recipe, click here:

3 Christmas necklaces
Cake stand
Light bulb candy jars
Copper string lights
Light bulb decorations 1
Light bulb decorations 2
2 mini cake boards (3” and 4”)
9” cake board
Rolling pin
Serrated edge knife
Cake leveler
Pizza cutter


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