Unicorn Rainbow Cupcake Cones- Dollar Tree Recipe



Unicorns 🦄 and Rainbows 🌈 and cupcakes. OH MY!!!

The cake mix that I used yielded about 20 cupcakes. The whole batch only cost about $6 to make. Yess please!!

Food coloring used:
Yellow- 3 drops (since the batter was already yellow)
Green- 8 drops
Blue- 10 drops blue, 2 drops red
Red- 7 drops
Orange- 3 drops yellow, 3 drops red
Purple- 6 drops blue, 3 drops red

Yes I know there are easier ways to fill a piping bag (or whatever you call it!) but what can I say, I’m a novice. πŸ˜‰ Well that and I was only using things from DT so my options were limited.

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My idea for this series of Dollar Tree Recipes is to challenge myself to find ingredients that are available at the Dollar Tree to make dishes that are tasty, simple, and something that I would make normally with items from the grocery store. Many people are on a budget and it can be a challenge to feed your family in an affordable way. These recipes may give people ideas of how to eat well on a limited budget.

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