Valentines Day Red Velvet SNOWMAN Cupcakes! Cream Cheese Frosting

Rebecca Brand shows how to make Red Velvet Snowman Cupcakes! Red Velvet Cake batter is used to make these VALENTINE OR CHRISTMAS Red Velvet Cupcakes that we turned into a snowman! Frosty the Snowman is the cutest little cupcake for the holidays with an added moustache, and of course the best part is the Mezzetta Maraschino Cherry on top! It's tough to resist munching on those cherries as you make this recipe, the snowman almost had no nose at all! The cream cheese frosting is the very classic of all cream cheese frostings with a sprinkling of flaked coconut for the snow! Have fun in the kitchen with this fun recipe! Bring the kids because it's easy, fun and full of holiday spirit!

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