Yowie Surprise Inside Desserts – RESCUE SERIES + free cookbook giveaway



If you’ve never seen a YOWIE, this is all the education you’ll need! Yowie Surprise Inside Dessert Cups with Cupcakes, Jello and Chocolate Tree Decorations…

PLUS I”m giving away A FREE Sweet Celebrations Cookbook for the first person to correctly comment with how many times I say YOWIE in todays video, AND another free book for the first person who can name all the animals I found inside my Yowies correctly and IN ORDER! Aaaannddd GO!

This video was sponsored by YOWIE Rescue Series – thanks for teaming up with me on todays super fun desserts!

You can find the Yowie Rescue Series in U.S. stores nationwide from October 1st, 2017
Find out more about Yowies at www.yowieworld.com

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