3 Healthy GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH Recipes | Adult and Kid Approved with High Fiber LOW CARB Bread



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From it’s humble beginnings in the 1920’s to it’s now world renowned fame as a sandwich the Grilled Cheese has undergone many changes over the years. Abbey brings you 3 unique recipes to turn your grilled cheese into a masterpiece using quality ingredients and flatbread. These grilled cheese sandwiches are not only a treat for parents they are also kid approved.

Abbey has always been a huge fan of the grilled cheese sandwich, going so far as to claim that if she was a parent she would actually burn dinner on purpose just so she could make grilled cheese sandwiches for her kids. While that remains to be seen there is no doubting her dedication to the art of making a proper, delicious, well balanced grilled cheese sandwich that anyone would want to eat. Abbey knows the key to getting that really good flavor out of your grilled cheese sandwich is to use fresh, high quality ingredients. She has partnered up with Flatout Flatbreads for this video to show you that flatbread is a great alternative to other breads that could be used for a grilled cheese sandwich. They are not only higher in fiber but protein as well.

Abbey’s first recipe is her Fig and Greek grilled cheese. To make this grilled cheese sandwich start by melting some butter and keeping it on stand-by. Lay out your flatbread and using a cooking brush coat your bread evenly with the melted butter. Using a brush is a much better way to go that just slathering butter on with a knife. The brush allows you get a nice even distribution of butter and ultimately uses less butter while still getting you that golden brown texture when cooked. Once you’ve got your bread coated flip it over as seen in the video and add some creamy brie cheese to it. Follow that up with some ripe figs, arugula, walnuts, and just a little drizzle of honey. Fold it over and pan fry it just like you would any other grilled cheese sandwich.

Her second recipe is for a Brussels Sprouts Pear Grilled Cheese. I know we specifically said kid approved and historically children do not care for Brussels sprouts, they do however like pears. The pear flavor, in combination with the cheese provides an even, tasty balance so good that most kids won’t even notice the Brussels sprouts. Start this grilled cheese recipe off by shredding some Brussels sprouts into a bowl and add a bit of grainy mustard to that stirring it all together well. Repeat the buttering process with this flatbread as well, flip it over and add a fair amount of Havarti cheese to one side. Top your Havarti with some fresh pear, your Brussels sprout slaw, and finally add some pomegranate to the top. Fold this over and grill it up.

Abbey’s final grilled cheese sandwich recipe has a bit of Italian flair to it featuring pesto, artichokes, and Swiss cheese. Repeat the buttering process with this flatbread as well, just like you have with the last two. Now flip your flatbread over and add a generous amount of Swiss cheese to one side. On top of your Swiss cheese add artichoke hearts, as many as you see fit, some ripe tomatoes, a bit of pesto, and finally some fresh basil leaves. Fold this one over as well and grill it to perfection.

There you have it, 3 delicious, easy grilled cheese recipes that anyone could appreciate.

As always thank you for watching and stay tuned for more great recipes in the near future.

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