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It’s magical how easily cupcakes inspire smiles, love, and joy in one delectable bite. Now you can share your love and magic by baking your very own Bliss Cakes with Bake the Bliss, a brand new cupcake cookbook from Food Network’s Vegan Cupcake Wars winner Stephanie Sparkles!stephanie shares a sumptuous selection of her favorite, nutritious vegan gourmet cupcake recipes that sparkle and shine.with easy-to-follow recipes, Bake the Bliss lets anyone handcraft luxurious cupcakes using fresh, all-natural ingredients, and exotic flavors. Plus in each recipe you’ll be treated with a sparklet that spotlights juicy bits of each superfood and how they benefit your health.add sparkle to parties, nourish the hearts of your friends and family, or simply indulge your senses with a delectable treat just for you!

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