Ice Cream Sundae Recipe #foodporn



U2 famously sang ‘Ain’t love the sweetest thing’… And we think we might have found out why with our Ice Cream Sundae recipe!

But what is love without spontaneity and mystery? Or, in this case, a surprise avocado!

So find the sweetest person you know, make this for them and get ready to see their happy face!! OR sit back, imagine you’re on a tropical beach and enjoy this awesome combination of flavours for yourself! 😀

We’d love to see your versions, or in fact any food that you love, with the hashtag #EyeCandySorted… Will it be good enough to be in next week’s episode?

Want to eat it? Get the recipe here:
Want to see pictures? They’re here:
Want some sexy GIFs? Find them here:
Want to listen to the music over and over again? Check out Daniela Andrade and her beautiful song ‘Things We’ve Said’:

Get loads of behind the scenes Sorted goodness here:


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