MIRROR CAKES MADE SIMPLE | 4 Mirror Cake s + GLAZE RECIPE | Rainbow | Unicorn | Galaxy & Fancy



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No thermometers, NO fancy tools & NO STRESS with this Mirror Glaze Recipe where I show you FOUR Mirror Cake designs including Rainbow, Unicorn, Galaxy & a stunning elegant version I like to call “La Fancy”

TIPS for getting your glaze right:
Glaze is best used when it feels ever so SLIGHTLY cool to touch. Just below body temperature is perfect.
Frozen cakes are best to glaze – the glaze sets faster and runs off the sides of the cake less
Strain any leftovers you don’t get crumbs in your glaze
Glaze keeps in the fridge for a week – just warm it up again to make it fluid
More is More! Don’t skimp on the glaze – just slather it on!

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390g water
600g sugar
600g glucose or light corn syrup
430g condensed milk
40g powdered gelatine
650g white chocolate
Chocolate Cake batter

Donut Pan:
Hand Mixer
Cooling Rack
Baking Sheet
Plastic Wrap


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