Homemade Milk Kesari Recipe in Malayalam | Starter / Easy snack recipe | How to make Milk Keasri



Homemade Milk Kesari Recipe
| Starter / Easy snack recipe |
Milk Kesari or Sheera Kesari is one of the most and best made sweet recipes from south Indian cuisine. It is usually made during Festivals celebrations and even for breakfast. It is very easy to make and takes less time than other indian sweets. This vertion of kesari which is rava kesari is made with milk and not using water.I dont use food colors. You can use saffron or even a little bit of color to make it look much more better.

Ingredients needed are
Rava – 250gm
Milk – 750ml
Ghee – 200gm
Sugar – 250gm
cinnamon – 1/2 tsp
Saffron(Optional) – 10nos
Casehewnuts & Kismis – As needed

Music Credits “Sunburst” by Tobu & Itro


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